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Welcome to CLEON Legal & Mediation Services

Cleon Legal & Mediation Services

CLEON Legal is a specialised Domestic Violence Law Firm and a boutique Family Law Firm. We specialise in Domestic Violence because our Principal Lawyer has extensive knowledge, training, and expertise in this practice area.

We are based in the tropics of Townsville, North Queensland, however, we service clients throughout Australia.  Our lawyers regularly travel interstate to meet with clients, attend mediations, or attend court appearances.

We strive to create a safe and calm environment for our clients, as we recognise the trauma and stress that clients are experiencing when they require the services of lawyers. Our ultimate goal is to create a trusting and close relationship between our CLEON Legal team and all of our clients.

We assist clients in Domestic Violence matters and Family Law matters for both parenting and property. Our practice largely deals with complex parenting matters, where there is risk to children, a history of domestic or family violence, abuse, trauma and high conflict.  We also assist grandparents, and aunties and uncles in the process of applying for Parenting Orders for the care, welfare, and the development of children.

We pride ourselves on our hard work and our very personal level of service; always ensuring we make our clients feel valued, important, and safe.

Our ultimate approach in Family Law is to ensure we do not create more conflict or damage to families, and to create legal and pragmatic solutions in the least stressful and most efficient, cost effective, and supportive way possible.

“Family Lawyers and Domestic Violence Lawyers”

Chrissy Leontios

Chrissy strives to make a difference in every person’s life that she meets and works with; no act of kindness is too small.

Chrissy is driven by working towards making the world a better place by advocating for human rights, gender equality, civil liberties, and promoting for all to actualise their goals, dreams, and freedoms.

Chrissy travels the world teaching, inspiring and speaking at events about practical skills for family lawyers, trauma informed ‘lawyering’, and teaching family lawyers how to deal with domestic violence in their work.

In 2018, Chrissy presented at an International Family Law Conference in France and attended an International Family Law Conference in the Netherlands.  In 2019 Chrissy is travelling to Norway to attend the Annual European Domestic Violence Conference. Chrissy has also presented at a number of National Family Conferences in Brisbane.

Chrissy is extremely passionate and committed to helping people achieve their goals and dreams that are aligned with their own values and vision.  She accomplishes this through her work as a legal practitioner, educator, and business coach to other lawyers and business owners, which helps her fulfil and achieve her goals and dreams.

Cleon Empower

CLEON Empower was created to empower lawyers, business owners, and women, to live their best lives and to help women consciously create the life they wish to live and lead.

We achieve our mission through our business and coaching services to other lawyers, particularly those lawyers that are transitioning into being Partners, Principals or Directors of their own firm, and business owners.

We also provide education, training and development to family lawyers about domestic violence, how to conduct risk assessments and screenings, strangulation, trauma informed practice, and interpersonal / client management skills.  We deliver this through online training, webinars, and by attending the offices of lawyers Nationally and Internationally.

We also offer Affirmation Cards for purchase online. These cards help deliver messages of hope and love.  These have been designed for all women, especially those who have experienced, or are experiencing, domestic violence, a separation or divorce, and who will be especially impacted positively by these Affirmation cards. Each Affirmation Card has been illustrated with a beautiful flower – a gentle reminder to allow yourself to bloom and blossom.  Each message has been carefully written by Chrissy Leontios to inspire you to live a beautiful life.

CLEON Empower lifts humans up – to inspire, to lead bigger and better lives, to achieve big goals, and to create the life of your dreams.

Affirmation Cards

These Messages of Love and Hope have been designed for Women who want to consciously create the lives of their dreams, especially after divorce, separation, or domestic violence.

Coaching Services for Lawyers & Business Owners

Business Coaching Packages for Lawyers who are setting up their own law firm, or for Principals and Partners running a firm or practice. These Coaching Packages are also offered to Business Owners who are not lawyers.

E-Books & Resources

Our E- Books have been designed for people seeking information about the Family Law process in Australia and the Domestic and Family Violence process in Queensland.


These webinars are designed for lawyers to learn practical skills about domestic violence, tips for lawyers setting up their own law firm, and tips for lawyers on running their own law firm.


  • I just wanted to personally thank you (Shawnee) and Chrissy and Cassandra! For all the extra love and work you put in. You 3 are an amazing formidable team and I am so blessed to have you all on my side!


  • Thank you so much Chrissy and Hanna for working so hard for me. It’s so nice to finally have someone listen to my situation and be so amazing and compassionate. Everyone is so friendly and this is a wonderful law firm.

    Bree Jay

  • Thank you to CLEON Legal. You are the most amazing, caring, understanding and knowledgeable people we have met. We would not have been able to understand our lives without your unbelievable and awesome hard work. You have helped us so much. Your empathy and fairness in our concerns really touched our hearts, and will stay with us forever.

    Ezy Ryder

  • Thank you so much to Chrissy & Hanna for your work & support through all the troubles I have endured these past 6 months. I know the cynics out there say “you paid them to do it” but nothing pays for the support that went above and beyond anything you charge for and gives confidence where it so badly needed. I cannot thank you enough for the help you have given, the safety I now feel and the confidence I have to continue on with everyday living. You ladies are amazing and stand out in your field. Thank you.

    Jacqui Morgan

  • A big thank you to Chrissy and all of her team for support and hard work. Not only a fantastic legal firm but wonderful people in general. Would recommend anyone!

    Jason Anderson

  • Thank you so much everyone! Especially Chrissy, Hanna and Nicholas. Bless you all and more power.

    Leciram DS

  • An absolutely amazing team headed by Chrissy. Thank you so much.

    Marion Hermansen

  • Chrissy has been a wonderful support and mentor throughout the business coaching process. She has taught me to have confidence in my ability and has provided invaluable insight and direction with regards to my dream of opening my own firm. Chrissy has also been able to give me practical guidance and keep me focused in a step-by-step manner so that I am constantly working towards my goals in the short, medium and long term. I would encourage anyone who is contemplating opening their own firm or currently in business to contact Chrissy. She is not only an amazing business coach but more importantly someone who I can now call a friend.

    Rachel Ravell

  • Thank you Chrissy. Sincerely, thank you. The outcome you achieved for me was nothing short of a miracle and the hard work you put into my case achieved that result. Plus you gave Tash her drive for law back and I can’t thank you enough for that. I never felt judged or felt like I had to justify myself to you, you treated me like a normal person and for that I thank you again. If I could give you more than 5 stars I definitely would. I hope to remain in contact with you and I promise not to get in trouble again!

    Steven Arathimos

  • They don’t come better than Chrissy, a good lawyer with real morals that sets a good example to all 🙂

    Tekki Lou

  • Dear CLEON Legal, thank you so much for your help. Your understanding, empathy and fairness is of great importance to us. We would like to thank you immensely for your assistance and support. We couldn’t have come this far without your expertise and tenacity. Thank you for being there.

    Verena Masatta

  • A business with heart and a commitment to doing things differently.

    Victoria Leontios

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